Docker team organization sunsetting

I have a team organization with only public repos at: Docker
I just received a confusing email from docker telling me that free team organizations is going away. Will that disrupt public access to those repos?


I’m pretty confused about this too.

I would like to keep my one-man operation going, but the only Upgrade option for my Free Team organization is the Team subscription that starts at 5 seats costing $9 per seat, and I only need one. The Pro subscription can’t be chosen when trying to upgrade a Free Team organization, which I find strange.

Why is it that I can’t choose Pro subscription for a Free Team organization?
Or, how do I pay for an organization team with only one member without overpaying?

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It is also not clear whether this covers organizations that have registered with the Open Source Community Program as they appear to be on the Free Team subscription too. The email didn’t say which organizations it applied to out of the 3 I am part of.

And another question - is it possible to convert a 1-person organization into a simple account? Like it’s possible the other way.

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Well, I got that email too and it took me months to make it possible to use my pro account and still save my images under the organization that I created when the paid version did not exist, so I understand you and I am going to try to get more information to clear it up.

At least it was not possible when I first wanted to do it about a year ago. I will come back to you later when I have more information.


Count me in… Even though this is mostly a one man project, I had created a team so that if ever a truck decided to run me over, the image could continue to be used without me. Now I’m really confused what that recent change means to me. It’s not clear to me whether there’s even a free choice to have an image which is not tied to my personal account. Or what subscription I’d need to have to do so. Any hints?

The subscription plans mention “Limited image pulls per day”. Does that mean that only a limited number of users can pull the image to set up the application? And in the paid plan they talk about 5000 a day. But updates obviously would create surges during which the image is downloaded many times, while on normal days it should be quite quiet. Would the surplus users simply get a message telling them to wait another day?

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I finally had more time to read the email and other referenced articles more carefully. Here is what I think now.

Quote from the e-mail:

If you own a legacy Free Team organization, access to paid features — including private repositories — will be suspended on April 14, 2023 (11:59 pm UTC) . Upgrade your subscription before April 14, 2023 to continue accessing your organization.

First I thought the whole repository would be suspended, but it looks like it is not the case. The important part of the quote is “access to paid features will be suspended”. Which means, if you had a private repository, you won’t be able to use it anymore. I was confused too, because the vulnerability scanning is not available in the free team, so I ignored the fact that I do have a test private repository in my free team organization. I don’t mind if I lose that. Images from private repositories can be exported and pushged to the personal account too if you have a PRO subscription…

@mfthomps I think my previous description is the answer to your question. Public repositories are not part of any paid features, so you should be able to continue to use those.

No. The limit applies to you as a subscriber. See


A Pro, Team, or a Business tier doesn’t increase limits on your images for other users. See our Open Source, Publisher, or Large Organization offerings.

In the notifiation e-mail we also got a link to a PDF:

@christophshyper it also contains the answer to your question as I suspected (I missed this part in the email too)


Can I “downgrade” to a Personal account?
Downgrading a Free Team organization to a Personal account is not available at this
time. You can create a new Personal account and copy the data over, however that
will create a separate namespace.

According to the e-mail, you could also apply to the Docker Sponsored Open Source Program

What if I run an open source project?
Docker continues to offer a specific Docker-Sponsored Open Source (DSOS) program
for open source projects, and it is not affected by the sunsetting of Free Team

Although unfortunately I didn’t have time to read the email carefully when I got it and, after doing so I don’t think this change would cause any problem for me and I hope it won’t be a big problem for you either. I am sorry if I confused you before with my uncertainty

I also have to note that I haven’t got any confirmation yet, so all I wrote above is my interpretation, but I believe it is correct.

Please, share if you have any more question that I could not answer.

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Your answer makes sense. I hope it is not contradicted by reality.
Thank you.

I think we have an official response :slight_smile:


What’s still unclear for me is whether I’ll be able to update the public images in a free org? Or whether they’ll simply become read only? I understand no free private repos but I haven’t seen the opposite spelt out.

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I am sorry I wasn’t around for some days. The blogpost I shared above mentions that only private images would be removed, but in the oiginal e-mail it was actually clarly stated that they will only stop providing “paid features” for free. Sharing public images are free. So it is all about giving the same features for the same price for everyone.


Maybe I was wrong

Now it states we can’t push new images even if those images are public

Update 2

The FAQ also shares a link how you can migrate the free team to a personal free account

Can I migrate to a Personal account?
You can migrate from a Free Team organization to a Personal account by
opening a support ticket. No action will be taken against your account while your ticket is being

By the way this is the opposite of what I shared before:

I guess this option was asked by many users.

You have probably all read the new notification already. Sunsetting will not going to happen