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Docker Toolbox shared volumes on Windows 10 not working


(Luckstock) #1

I’ve read all the threads, but can’t get Docker Toolbox to share the volume with the host on Windows 10.

The command shows nothing in the folder “/app”.
docker run -it --rm -v /c/Users/app:/app alpine ls /app

I tried to add C: and D: drives with Full rights to virtualbox default shared folders.

I can’t install general Docker as it will lead to VirtualBox to fail (I’ve vagrant as well for other projects).

Docker Toolbox is the latest: 17.03.0, VirtualBox is the latest: 5.1.18
Running Docker Quickstart Terminal in elevated mode (with admin rights).

The most I was able to achieve is showing subfolders of C:/Users/app/* in docker container /app, but not files.

If you have a guide how to achieve sharing volumes between host and docker container, please point me to it.

(Luckstock) #2

I’ve not been able to resolve this issue, so I chosen the way to install docker under Vagrant VM Ubuntu Xenial 16.04.

I’ll appreciate if there is a native way to fix it on Windows 10.

(Cheerx) #3

Check in VirtualBox if C:\Users is shared to vm ‘default’ and if the shared folder name is c/Users