Docker Toolbox shared volumes on Windows 10 not working

I’ve read all the threads, but can’t get Docker Toolbox to share the volume with the host on Windows 10.

The command shows nothing in the folder “/app”.
docker run -it --rm -v /c/Users/app:/app alpine ls /app

I tried to add C: and D: drives with Full rights to virtualbox default shared folders.

I can’t install general Docker as it will lead to VirtualBox to fail (I’ve vagrant as well for other projects).

Docker Toolbox is the latest: 17.03.0, VirtualBox is the latest: 5.1.18
Running Docker Quickstart Terminal in elevated mode (with admin rights).

The most I was able to achieve is showing subfolders of C:/Users/app/* in docker container /app, but not files.

If you have a guide how to achieve sharing volumes between host and docker container, please point me to it.

I’ve not been able to resolve this issue, so I chosen the way to install docker under Vagrant VM Ubuntu Xenial 16.04.

I’ll appreciate if there is a native way to fix it on Windows 10.

Check in VirtualBox if C:\Users is shared to vm ‘default’ and if the shared folder name is c/Users