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Docker Volume is empty, doesn't work with the -v option


I am using Window 10 Home Edition, I have Toolbox installed. I execute command in the Docker Quickstart Terminal.
Can someone please tell me why the ls -a command inside the container is empty? Could it be the Windows 10 problem?


Docker Toolbox has no access to /c/app. From the docs: ‘By default, Toolbox only has access to the C:\Users directory and mounts it into the VMs at /c/Users .’
Under ‘Optional: Add shared directories’ you find an explanation how to add other folders.

Can you maybe also try, to use:

docker run -ti -p 8080:3000 -v pwd:/tmp/test -w /tmp/test node /bin/bash

Just to see if its because its having troubles/unable to create the whole /c/app… path INSIDE the container