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Docker Toolbox & Windows Server 2012

(Peter Bata) #1

Hello all. I am having difficulty installing Docker Toolbox on my Proliant DL360 G5 running Windows Server 2012 R2. Can someone tell me if this can be done. Thank you.

(Jeff Anderson) #2

What part are you getting stuck on?

(Peter Bata) #3

Good day Jeff. Thank you for the prompt reply. My apologies for being so vague in my OP. I will try attaching two screenshots that might shed a little light on the issue(s) that I am having. Both errors appear to be related to enabling bios virtualization. Of course, I do have it enabled as I have no problems running VM’s in Hyper-V.

Docker Toolbox SRV2012R

(Sven Dowideit) #4

Unfortunately, you cannot run on a computer that has Hyper-V enabled - Hyper-V has been written to assume it has exclusive use of the processor.

There are blog posts that show how to boot Windows Server with Hyper-V disabled :frowning:

(Peter Bata) #5

Makes sense. I had a feeling that Hyper-V may have been the culprit. You certainly have cleared that up for me. Thank you so much Sven. Much appreciated. Have a good one. Peter