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Unable to install Docker toolbox on Windows 10 Home 1803

Hey all,

Trying to install Docker Toolbox on Windows 10 Home 1803 and I’m getting the error “This computer doesn’t have VT-X/AMD-V enabled” error. I’m on a AMD Ryzen 3 HP Envy.

I’ve enabled this in BIOS. Tried multiple times and confirm that it’s enabled from Task Manager. No joy there.

I saw some notes about making sure Hyper-V is not installed, however, this isn’t available on my version of Windows 10.

I tried enabling the “Windows Hypervisor Platform” feature in Windows and then disabling again. No joy here.

I’ve also tried uninstalling Docker and then reinstalling with the previous Virtualbox NDIS5 driver. Still no joy.

Further advice would be appreciated!


This is because the home edition dosnt support hyper-v.
Check my answer here: Unable to install docker desktop on windows 10 home

Apologies, my title says I’m trying to install Docker desktop but that’s incorrect. The body of my post is correct where I say “trying to install Docker toolbox on Windows 10 home…”

I’ll edit my title.

Anyway, Docker toolbox is what I am trying and is what is leading me to the current issues.