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Docker Windows 10 - Cannot run docker commands


(Gotnetdude) #1

I downloaded and installed docker for windows (stable version). The hyper-v is installed, virtualization is enabled, have window 10 pro ent version 1709 installed, with Linux Containers. Docker for Windows is running, in Hyper-V manager there’s ModyLinuxVM. When I go to command prompt and type a docker command I get the following error message: docker is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch. I do have vmware install, but no vm are running. How do I fix problem? Thanks Paul

(Manmedia) #2

Have you tried running from Windows PowerShell?

Also is the docker icon visible on sys tray?

(Gotnetdude) #3

Yes, from vs 2017. same thing…

(Gotnetdude) #4

okay, i ran power shell with elevated admin permissions from start menu and that worked… Thanks P