Docker Windows-Bind mount folders not showing up in guest

Hello Folks

I’m using the NVidia triton server as a container, and I’m trying to mount a local Windows folder.

I’m using this command:

docker run -ti --rm --gpus=all --network=host -v /g/DockerMounts/mnt:/tests --name triton-server

But when I go into the container, I don’t see anything in the mount location.

Any help on what I might be doing wrong is greatly appreciated, I’m on Docker version 24.0.7, build afdd53b if that helps.

Apparently, Docker Desktop isn’t too much of a fan of mounting non-C drives. When I move the exact folder over to my C: drive, I can see it get mounted correctly.

Here is what I had that worked:

docker run -ti --rm --gpus=all --network=host -v //c/Users/CluelessNoob/Desktop/DockerMounts:/opt/tests2 --name triton-server7