Docker with idling images causing Windows 10 blue screen?

Hi folks!

I’ve run into a problem that i believe is related to the latest version of Docker for Windows.

I’m pretty new to Docker but I’ve been using it occasionally for some time now. It’s been running fine until today.

When I started it today I got a notification of a new version which I chose to install. When the installation was finished I started two images that I’ve been using for some months (one is a db and the other some kind of logging service used by a Java application I’m working on). I then continued working on the application with the images idling in the background.

After some time, perhaps an hour or so, I got a blue screen. After creating a memory dump the computer restarted. Back in Windows I started some applications I usually have running (a couple of browsers, Slack client, an IDE, etc). I also started Docker and the two images. Then I had to leave for a meeting. I was away for about two and a half hours and when I got back, my computer had restarted again. I immediately suspected another blue screen and the event logs confirmed my suspicion.

This is the first time I’ve had a blue screen on this computer (which is about 5 years old), and also the first time using Windows 10, I believe. Can this be related to Docker for Windows (as I suspect) and if so, what can I do?

Issue type
Windows crash
OS Version/build
Windows 10 Pro, version 1709, build 16299.192
App version
Steps to reproduce
Not sure if generally reproducible. See description above.

Today I ran Docker (same images) for a couple of hours without getting a blue screen. Perhaps it was something temporary …