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Why isn't Microsoft a verified publisher?

Why isn’t Microsoft a verified publisher?

I went to find a WindowsServercore image (you know, the images that practically all windows images are based on) on docker hub, and was surprised that it wasn’t at nor near the top of the search results for “Windows”.

It seems that dockerhub lists verified publishers above all other search results.

Which leads to the question…

Why on earth is Microsoft not verified?

If verification requires some action from the developer and Microsoft has dropped the ball, I think you can make an exception in this case and verify them anyway please. You know who Microsoft is. You know which images are from them (because they are used as the base image for practically all windows images). Please just verify them.

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Looking at official images at such as, I guess you’d be looking at which seems official to me?

(Ah, but indeed, no nice icon next to its name.)


It is strange, that Microsoft is not verified, but here is my guess. Docker Verified Publisher Program is a partner program. This badge doesn’t mean that “I know you”. It comes with benefits:

  • Reserved and branded Docker Hub namespace
  • Docker repos/images exempt from rate limiting, enhancing your UX
  • Co-marketing opportunities
  • Essential insights with exclusive Docker Hub reports
  • Docker Verified Publisher badging in Docker Hub
  • Priority search listings
  • Docker seats for your internal development team

The partners my need to give something in return or meet certain requirements. If Microsoft don’t need the benefits (they are partners in other ways) or it is not worth it to them, then they won’t join.

But as I mentioned, it is just a guess. Someone from the Docker Staff may be able to give you the real answer if that is public :slight_smile: