Does Docker engine support rocky linux OS?


Does docker engine support or planning to support Rocky Linux?
I can find docker engine installation steps into rocky linux guide but didn’t find rocky linux into docker engine support guide.

Install Docker Engine | Docker Documentation

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Rahul Joshi

Isn’t Rock Linux close to CentOs/Redhat? Have your tried install according to the doc?

I guess until RockyLinux is compatible with CentOS, it will not be directly supported. It would be hard to support every distribution, On the other hand, if it won’t be compatible in the future, then I guess the question will be which distribution will be more popular or how many other compatible distributions are out there

What is Rocky linux “into” docker engine?

IF you need a rockylinux image that exists in two repositories:

OSS project:

I would use the official image as the other didn’t even update the readme after stopped suppoting the “latest” tag so you would pull an old image using that tag. The official image doesn’t have that tag so you have to set the version tag.