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Download an image from a server

this is my first step with this forum and docker.

I need to download an image docker from a server to save it on my computer in case there is a problem with the server.

Impossible to find to good command.
Could you help me please ?

When downloaded, is is only one file (it is better) ?

Thank you.


If it’s enough docker pull downloads an image and keeps it untill you delete it.
But if you want a file you can tinker with docker save exports an image to a file.

Thank for your response.
I have tried docker pull but it is not enough.
It seems to have a password… so I have tried with “docker login pull …” but no result.
I have never the possibility to enter a password. Username, yes but not the password…

docker login -p pull URL/image_name

Looks like your image is on a private registry. You have to do a plain docker login <repository url> first.
If you image is you have to do docker login

Ok thank you.
I have to wait for the good credentials now …
Maybe tomorrow …

I have try the docker pull command. It seems we do not need credentials.
Here this is what I have by executing the command. But no image downloaded…
Any idea please ?

root@coucou:/home/test# docker pull
Using default tag: latest
latest: Pulling from image_name
Digest: sha256:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Status: Image is up to date for

Then everything is fine. Docker saves the images once downloaded. The message Status: Image is up to date for tells you that you already have the latest image downloaded.

Try deleting the image with docker image rm and pull it again with docker pull

In fact I try to download the image in order not to depends on the docker repository on the server.

By doing docker pull, I don not know where the file is downloaded, for example if I want to put it on a DVD…
If the server crash I need to have a backup of the image on my computer…

I try to do a “docker save”, and with this command I have a downloaded file…
And by doing a “docker load” I can generate my image…?

Yes. docker save saves your image to a file and docker load converts the file back to an usable image.

ok thank you,
So docker pull do not save the image but just load the image from a server …

Many thanks

Android Download Image from MySQL Database
First go to your hosting account. For this tutorial I am using free hosting account by hostinger.
In last tutorial we created two scripts. One for database connection and other one for storing image to database. …
Create a new PHP file. …
Copy the following code.

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