Enforcing Docker Desktop Updates


We manage a number of Docker customers using Jamf Pro for MDM. Part of their security policies require that the users are not local admins and that applications are kept patched to the latest version.

How is everyone managing or enforcing docker updates for Mac? So far we’ve found that using the install command mostly works but sometimes it soft fails with an error due to docker running. We typically try to quit “Docker” before hand but we sometimes get errors that other process are still running.

Docker.app/Contents/MacOS/install --accept-license --user=$currentUser

An example error is:

Error installing /Volumes/Docker/Docker.app/Contents/MacOS/install --accept-license --user= error: Error: quitting app: processes still running: Docker Docker Desktop com.docker.backend com.docker.backend com.docker.build com.docker.dev-envs com.docker.extensions com.docker.extensions: context deadline exceeded