Update ready to install - mac

Hi, I’m on a mac and every day, I get a message “Update ready to install”. I click “Install & Restart” and it goes away but then get the same message the next day. I’ve clicked around inside of docker desktop and cannot see a place to do an install. I’m on a corporate mac so don’t have unlimited access to security settings. Any advice on how to get the update to work or at least stop this update warning box from coming up every day?

I’ve seen the same, but never investigated a lot: simply selecting “Download update” (if applicable) followed by something named “Install and restart”, both shown in the dropdown menu after clicking the Docker-icon in the menu bar, did the job for me.

Thanks Arjan. I tried doing that several times and it didn’t successfully update. I just tried one more thing and fixed the problem. In settings, Docker Desktop is set to start on my Mac each time i turn on my Mac. In the upper right corner, there is the docker icon. I had chosen “Quit and Install update” but that did nothing. The next thing I did that finally fixed the problem was choose “Quit Docker Desktop”. Finally the update was allowed to proceed, I had a pop up requiring me to enter in my Mac password. Thanks for the assistance.

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