Error GetAddrInfoW: the specified class was not found


I’m using docker-machine version 0.4.1 on Windows 7 behind a corporate proxy.

Running “docker-machine create dev01 --driver=virtualbox” results in:

Error creating machine: Get http: error connecting to proxy http://username:pwd@proxy:port: dial tcp: GetA
ddrInfoW: The specified class was not found.
You will want to check the provider to make sure the machine and associated resources were properly removed.

There are no special characters in the username and password used to connect to the proxy.

Any ideas as to how I can debug this ?


I believe your password might contain special characters which is causing the issue. Saw a similar issue raised against docker-machine here Can you please try with a plain password or url-encode the special characters ?


My password only contains plain characters… I noticed the url-encode issue earlier and then changed my password to remove all special characters.