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Error on getting started


(Maneuk) #1

Hi all,

I am going through the getting started instructions on the Docker’s website:

Download and installation were ok. But when I double click on the “Docker Quickstart” icon I get the following error:

Creating Machine default…
No default boot2docker iso found locally, downloading the latest release…
Error creating machine: Get /releases: dial tcp: GetAddrInfoW: No such host is known.
You will want to check the provider to make sure the machine and associated reso urces were properly removed.
Looks like something went wrong… Press any key to continue…

I have tried to find a solution online but I couldn’t find anything. All I found was upgrade issues and not installing it from scratch.

Any ideas please? (By the way I am using Windows 7.1)

Many thanks

(Jeff Anderson) #2


the “dial tcp: GetAddrInfoW: No such host is known” is the key part of the error message here. It looks like you were having trouble resolving That hostname does resolve for me:

$ host has address

Any number of problems could explain a DNS resolution error like that. It is also likely that it was temporary. If you try again, does it work now? If not, do you have any sort of internet filtering software that works at the DNS level? It may be possible that its settings are set too aggressively.