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Error pushing to registry: no space left on device

(Yassine Benhajali) #1

I m trying to build an automated image but it keeps failling whith this message:

Error pushing to registry: mkdir /var/lib/docker/graph/_tmp/da4f6ce4f84305e56058686d67864ab1c246dcc4e0e3ecbd9c2048544c0727cd: no space left on device

At the end of the log file it says Successfully built 09729b489941. The image, in preious automated build on dockerhub, was successfully completed and pushed. the only change I’ve made is adding a python install for pandas package
the overall image make about 2.7GB. and I 've read in this forum that we have 30GB for each imge

Does anyone have an idea how to fix this error


(Jerry Baker) #2

Hi Yassine,

I’ve pinged our backend ops team to take a look.

I’ll give you an updated once I hear back from them.



(Yassine Benhajali) #3

Hi Jerry, thanks for the fast response. I restarted the build for the forth time and it worked. I didn’t do any change. Feel free to ask for any logs or other information if needed to investigate this issue.


(Yassine Benhajali) #4

Hi again Jerry, now I got different problem when i try to pull the image (or any other images from dockerhub). It s an authentication error , here is an example:

Pulling repository busybox
FATA[0002] Authentication is required. ```

does it have any link to the previous issue?

(Yassine Benhajali) #5

Hi Jerry,
Forget about the last message, it is my fault. I’ve changer a couple of days a go my docke account password.