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Fit for Purpose? Yes or No?

(Ctgarvey) #1

Ive spend close to 60 hours per Docker-for-windows build script; one based on microsoft/IIS with some minor customisations, and one based on Microsoft/sql-server-express. There have been just so many issues trying to get basic scripts working, that Im drawing the conclusion its a complete waste of effort. The state of docker on windows is poor. Its unstable.The docker syntax is very difficult to debug and the windows process continously crashes during build. And this is all based on supposedly working images from microsoft with fully implemented powershell. And thats before we even get to a running app which im guessing is a whole new level of pain.Just some of the many issues…

Docker wont work with powershell interactive
DNS resolution doesnt appear to work with containers on windows 1803
Running the most basic powershell commands such as Get-Childitem Env: results in

container encountered an error during Start: failure in a Windows system call: The compute system exited unexpectedly. (0xc0370106)

There are just too many moving parts with docker for windows right now ; OS updates , docker updates.
And there does not seem to be any easy way to pay money for support. The github page is awash with bugs.

Is Docker for windows a lost cause? Im with HFT guy on this one. 2 years old post and still relevant from what i can see.

The market wants containers for windows. Who is providing a stable product?