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Docker for windows general newbie questions

(Guilhermecgs) #1

Hi Folks,

I am considering using docker for windows, but I need to access the maturity and features of the project

I have a application that runs only in Windows, so my goal is to create a dockerfile that uses Windows image as the base image.

I have read the documentation on MSDN, but I need further clarification… Can you help me?

1 - Will docker for Windows user the same language/commands? In other words, all the RUN, ENV, COPY, EXPOSE,. docker ps, docker images, etc will be the same in windows?

2 - Will it work in Windows Server 2016 Only? Any plans for windows 7,8,10?

3- Does it support Docker compose?

4-Any advice?

(Michael Friis) #2
  1. Yup, same instructions! But typically, you write RUN instructions with PowerShell. Here’s an example:

  2. It already works with Windows 10 (Anniversary Edition), but won’t work with older Windows versions

  3. Yup, compose mostly works too - we’re wrapping up some final fixes.

(Guilhermecgs) #3

What about docker swarm for windows?

(Michael Friis) #4

Classic swarm-client works on Windows, but we’re still working with Microsoft on the new Docker 1.12 swarm-mode feature.