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FreeNas container?

(Vagelism22678) #1

Hello , I am totally new to Docker and I was wondering if I there is any container for FREENAS.
I do not know if I expressed it well, but the main idea of my project is to activate a docker cloud service and then find and install the FreeNas container (if exists).
Any help will be appreciated.

(Bryce Ryan) #2


And welcome to the Docker ecosystem.

The FreeNAS team seems to host a number of image repositories on the Docker Hub. Do please have a look for them via the search box or the “Explore” link. You can find the hub at Docker Hub. I found the FreeNAS repositories here

Once you find the image you’re looking for, you can click on the repository name. Most creators have set up pages with guidance on what the image contains, how to access the content, how to get help, and so forth.