Not getting verification email


I had to deactivate my account because I had forgotten my password and, upon request to change my passowrd, never received an email. Now I created a new account and I am not receiving the verification email. I sent an email to, but did not get an answer. I checked spam folders of course! This is very urgent, as we have to upload an image for a publication.

Since I never forgot my password on Docker Hub, maybe I missed something, but why the deactivation of your account was necessary before changing the password? Or did you mean you eventually deactivated your account since you can’t log in without confirming the change?

Unfortunately we can’t help here with the verification email. I’m sure you checked the spam folder. If your email address was correct, you should have received an email. If there was a problem with Docker Hub at that time, you could try to ask for a new password again for either of the account you tried. I didn’t know about the hub support email. You could also try the Support page on Docker’s website Docker
but it is posisble it sends the mail to the same address you tried. Or you can try to report it on GitHub or find existing reports as this is a kind of error that I’m sure happened to others as well.

but we as community members can help you get your account back.