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Help with Docker usage

(Niceseb) #1

Could someone share with me. If I am working in Win 7 and developing in Intellij Pycharm MeteorJS, does having a docker container means that my build and run-time will still be determined by the docker build so effectively I am still deploying to Linux environment ?

Currently MeteorJS 1.3 for Win 7 crashes and burns with unstable releases and if I can continue to develop in Linux I would be most grateful.

(Michael Friis) #2

You’re correct, using Docker for Windows and Docker Toolbox you’re currently still developing Linux containers. Since you’re using Windows 7, you need to use Toolbox:

(Niceseb) #3

Hi @friism

Thanks so even though the IntelliJ IDE is in Win 7, docker container means I am building for whatever the container it is in since folders are shared?

(Michael Friis) #4

Yes, when building, the build context (your source code) is shipped to the Linux VM