How can I increase this limit of 4gb?

I’m working with Docker on a Mac (Apple M2 Max, Ventura 13.4.1), but suddenly my application gives a frequent “Time-Out”, and thereafter it will shutdown other containers like the database container. In the error log I see many errors related to “disc space”, so I assume the time-outs are related to this. How can I increase the “4gb” of the base VM? I can’t figure that out.

I tried many things, already cleaned up everything couple of times, but disc space is full every time after I rebuild all images again. Changing settings under resources doesn’t change anything as far as I can see.

That disk space usage report is very confusing. It doesn’t mean you have only 4 gigabytes of disk space that you all use, it means that the size of all the containers is 4.01 gigabytes and the size of all images are 4.02 gigabytes. Since that report doesn’t mention containers only “7 images” you could interpret it as 7 images used all of your disk space, but it is not necessarily the case.

You can check the actual disk size of Docker Desktop if you go to

Settings » Resources » Advanced

and scroll down until “Virtual disk limit”. You can change the size there.

Note that the size of the images and containers does not include the volumes, so check the volumes as well.