Is there any deadline for openjdk image removal?

We are using openjdk:11 to build the application.
As per above url, openjdk is deprecated. Need to use alternate image.

Is there deadline/end date for openjdk?
After that it will not work like that.

They won’t remove old images, but there won’t be updates for anything except Early Access builds.

Try using eclipse-temurin image. Pretty much works as-is.

Quote from the first post:

Perhaps it would be best to remove the 11 and 8 tags (in October 2022, perhaps)

Images are usually not removed as long as people are using it. In this case there was a statement about removing it “perhaps”. Do you know about a decision where they say it will not happen?

This comment on openjdk issue #495 seems to say that 8 and 11 are not affected.

That is something else I guess, since issue 495 was created in April 2022 and the comment was written then too.
I linked issue 505, which was created in June 2022 mentioning that those images might be removed.

I dug around, and you are right - the comment about “best to remove 8 and 11 images” is more recent.

So no guarantees, I guess.