How do I create a container within Docker so I can install Nakama and cockroachDB?

hi, i’m trying to understand docker because i need to use it to install Nakama server so i can enable chat and many other stuff for my Godot game engine. the way i see is, docker is a container to run any app you like. example, your OS have docker install and docker have docker-compose to create container and within that container, I plan on putting Nakama server and cockroachdb database each on separate container. so far i’m able to install docker on my Ubuntu but how do i create the container.

I have create the docker-compose.yml file but where do i put it or how do i implement it withing my Godot client or the terminal. i try the play with docker but it does’t do any good if you don’t know anything. would someone kindly show or explain this to a newbie like me.

sudo systemctl disable --now docker
sudo systemctl enable --now docker
sudo systemctl status docker
sudo docker run hello-world

i was able to enable and disable and show the status and run a sample hello-world. thanks and any help is appreciated.