How do I push to the Automated Build?

You won’t be able to push to an Automated Build repository. But there is a workaround by creating another tag in that automated build that refers to another Dockerfile which does a FROM statement that pulls from a manual build. So the rough steps would be:

  1. Create another repository as a manual build.
  2. Build locally and push to the manual repository.
  3. Add a subdirectory on your GitHub repo which includes a different Dockerfile, one which only has FROM and the name of your manual repository in it.
  4. Edit your Automated Build configuration for <user-name>/<repo-name> to add another Tag and give it the path to the Dockerfile in the subdirectory.
    Then when the new tag gets built, its basically the same as the manual one you pushed. If your users wonder why you are doing this, you might want to explain it in your README file.
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Update: Now we can manually push to an Automated Build.