How to create Image Manifest

Hi All,

I’m following the manifest list examples documented here:

The issue I’m having is that I keep getting errors that say I don’t have an image manifest. There aren’t any examples of how to create an Image Manifest which I can then use to create a Manifest list.

Below isn’t exactly what I’m running, but I it illustrates the point. If I were to run the below:

docker manifest create \ \ \ \

I would get an error saying that there is no manifest for “”. The image exists, but the manifest that goes with it doesn’t. The question is, how do I make a manifest for an image. Any examples out there?

I’ve sorted this issue out.

When you push an Image to your registry, the Image manifest will get created automatically. I was having trouble viewing it with the docker manifest inspect command because the registry was insecure. Once I added the --insecure flag, I was able to view the Image Manifest on the registry. i was also able to create the manifest list.