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How to update Nextcloud Docker

I have a container installed with Nextcloud 19.4 and the tag 19.0.4. Now I want to install the latest version and upgrade to the latest version, wich is 20.0.

How can I do it?

Install a new container with the latest tag?
Remapp the config folder

and then it should work like in the old version, right?

I know the next question belong not here in this forum, but maybe you could answere it anyway.
I need to relink the databse from the old nextcloud 19 to the news nc20. Can I just login with the old user and pw and the new nextcloud will adopt the tables of the database?

Thanks for the help

Best Option - import the newest DB backup/dump.
Worst option/hack - change the version number in the database - but this can destroy the data! So this would be the best time to perform a new DB dump