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Http-related problem connecting to a Docker Cloud swarm on local machine


(Scout208) #1

OS Version: Windows 10 Home 16299.19

Using Docker Toolbox on Windows with default settings.

For Docker version see screenshot:

Steps to reproduce:

Followed instructions on for both AWS and Azure swarm.

Trying to run Step 6: run docker node ls to verify that the swarm is running.

error during connect: Get http: server gave HTTP response to HTTPS client

Actually, this error is returned no matter what command I try to run on the client proxy. I’m not sure what else to do. Let me know if you need more information.

Thank you!

(Reign1) #2

Hi, same issue here. Did you manage to find the solution for this?

Actually you get same error with any command, let’s say “docker info” brings just the same:
error during connect: Get https://x.x.x.x:32768/v1.32/info: http: server gave HTTP response to HTTPS client

While if you try same link but with http in stead of https - it works :confused: