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I want to install label-studio using docker desktop on windows 10 operating system

I have to install label-studio by using docker desktop for windows.

I have created the volume using the following command.

docker volume create labeldata

where labeldata is the name of the volume.
Now I am using the following command to download the package from git but its not working.

docker run -it -p 8080:8080 -v `pwd`/mydata:/label-studio/data heartexlabs/label-studio:latest

I am running docker on windows 10.
Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Thank You

That’s too vague to get any help. What are you seeing? Any error? How can you tell it’s not working?

(Also, in the second command you’re not using the volume you created in the first command. You may not need the first command but we cannot tell from the limited details.)

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docker run -it -p 8080:8080 -v labeldata:c:/label-studio/data heartexlabs/label-studio:latest

I am using this command to mount it to the volume created.

When executing it in cmd. Following error is shown

docker: Error response from daemon: invalid mode: /label-studio/data.

In the container, this would map the volume to a folder c:/label-studio/data. But from the looks of it, the Label Studio image is a Linux image, running in a Linux container (in Docker Desktop for Windows; assuming your Docker for Windows supports Linux containers). Linux does not know drive letters such as c:.

Also, the documentation shows the command you used in your first post, using -v `pwd`/mydata:/label-studio/data. Here, `pwd` is being replaced with the folder name in which you type the docker command on your Windows machine. So, this maps the subfolder /mydata of the current folder on the host to the folder /label-studio/data in the Linux container: Label Maker expect its data in /label-studio/data in the container.

If you want to use that volume (rather than some folder on your Windows machine), I’d assume you’d need something like -v labeldata:/label-studio/data (so: without the c: part).

To use an existing data folder from your Windows machine instead of the volume that is managed by Docker, use something like: -v c:/some/data/folder:/label-studio/data

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Actually the developers have shown demo using Linux. But unfortunately I don’t have Linux. The code is present in GiT repository and I want to download from there. Also I have no idea about using docker.

If you’re new to Docker then I’d forget about the volume for now. Instead I’d create some folder on your local Windows machine, say c:\my-label-studio-data, and run (on a single line):

docker run -it -p 8080:8080 -v c:/my-label-studio-data:/label-studio/data heartexlabs/label-studio:latest

(Aside, this uses a so-called “bind mount” for the folder. And it will “pull” the ready-to-use image from Docker Hub, not from GitHub.)

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Superb. It worked. Really Thanks to you.