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Images disappear over night, and now everything is slow

Hi there,
First I want to apologise because Mac Os, Virtualisation and Docker are very new things for me. (And my english is limited too).

Yesterday I made my own docker image which was builded and was running as a service in a swarm without any error (I didn’t try if everything was perfect, but it was running). I leave my jobs and set my Mac to sleep mod.
Today I came back and the containers wasn’t there anymore ( docker ps didn’t show me anything while i did yesterday).
So I try to create the service again in the swarm but the images disappear too (at least my image and the one my image was base on, but not the one I made to try Docker (Hello_Word and nginx)).

So now, i’m trying to build the image again from the exact same Dockerfile. First, everything is very slow, like 10 time slower than yesterday, and the build looks endless while I have no information of the loading of the last commande (a simple chown -R ).
Btw, my all computer looks slow as hell right now.
I find some poeple with the problem with the images that disapeer here Docker version reports bad response from Docker engine.
I tryed to reset docker to factory default but It doesn’t change anything.
I tryed uninstall it and install it back, no changes.
I tryed kill the process and start it, no change.

I see that Yosemite isn’t supported anymore so I update to Serria right now, I will tell you if there is any change.

Do you have any idea what happen ?

I don’t know if it help but it look like docker totaly eat my computer ressources.

Looks like the chown I do is the problem,
I have find a thread on slackoverflow about those but it was because of the use of VOLUME while i don’t use VOLUME neither in my Dockerfile neither in the Dockerfile of the build I call in the FROM.