Install client on Windows 7?

I was wondering whether it would be possible to force the installer of the new Docker for Windows to work on Windows 7?

I don’t really care about Hyper-V, I’m quite ok with VBoxHeadless (directory sharing would be nice, though).

What I do care about is the absolutely unusable terminal emulation of Docker Toolbox and I was hoping that whatever comes with Docker for Windows would work better. (For now I have to put SSH in all my containers to be able to use PuTTY.)

So if it would just install, it should be trivial to make it connect to the Docker daemon in VBox, right?

Unfortunately, Docker for Windows will only run on new versions of Windows 10. This is because Docker for Windows uses Windows Hyper-V and while older Windows versions have Hyper-V, their Hyper-V implementations lack features critical for Docker for Windows to work.

I’m sorry the terminal is bugging you. Although it manifests when using Docker, it’s not a problem unique to Docker. There are some details here: