Installation issue on MAC with M1 chip 4.7.1

HI Team ,
I am using an official docker for Desktop which my company has bought.
I am using a MAC with M1 chip and same package i am using 4.7.0_Mac_M1
but after installation when I click on the App in Applications it fails to open.
I can see that in activity monitor it is in “not responding” status.
I have tried various workaround like restarting laptop.
trying with different version 4.6.1 and changing permissions of some of settings.json files etc but no luck.
I cannot use the latest version as 4.7. is the latest provided to me.
Can you point me in some direction what I need to do for successful installation

Can’t you ask for a newer version? If you ask the Docker Support, their first suggestion will be to update the desktop to the latest version before they can help (I am not sure, but this is what I think).

How did you get thet version? Someone else downloaded a dmg file, sent to you and you want to install that on your machine? How exactly do you try to instal it?

I get this version in a central download app , it has only two version 4.7 and 4.6 , i downloaded the latest.
on downloading i get pkg file and i click on it and follow instructions to install it.

but i dont see any whale icon in my desktop right top , when i go to applications and click on whale icon it doesnt open. In Activity monitor i see it as not responding.
I can ask them to give me latest version but not sure how long it will take , So I am trying to find a way to install the existing version

That is not the official package that you can download from the documentation:

You should ask whoever is creating your pkg files what they changed in the installer and why. If they didn’t change anything, then giving you the latest version shouldn’t take long.

Since it looks like you use an unsupported way to install Docker Desktop, Unless it is an isolated/offline environment, you should really download the official installer. If some policy forbids it, you can ask help from your package maintainers or try to use this troubleshoot guide and check the logs from terminal: Docker Desktop Troubleshoot