Invalid capacity 0 with filesystem

Facing this issue when trying to create a small kubernetes cluster with a single master-node and a worker node. The master node isn’t able to jump to a ready state because of this “invalid capacity 0 with filesystem error”. On inspecting more find issue with docker not able to pull up events. I have enough resources available within my system as there is no node yet available to launch any node and carry out any work.

Installed kubernetes V1.29 using kubeadm
Install docker latest version from official library

Is this the exact error message? I find only “Invalid capacity on image filesystem” and not just when Docker is the container runtime.

Just to make sure I understand, did you configured cri-dockerd to use Docker Engine as container runtime? The default would be containerd.

Can you share more about that?
Unless you can show why it would be a Docker issue I feel this is something that belongs to a Kubernetes forum more than a Docker forum. If you misquoted the error message, the one that I quoted can be found on many forums like here: Error: invalid capacity 0 on image filesystem - General Discussions - Discuss Kubernetes

Are you that user too? There is more information shared in that topic, but the error message is not what you quoted here and still no answer.

It happend in K3s as well: Getting error `invalid capacity 0 on image filesystem` · Issue #6997 · k3s-io/k3s · GitHub