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Virtual Hacking Lab

(Michaele919) #1

Hi everyone,

I’m relatively new to Docker but I’ve already gotten a basic idea about how it works, and it’s pretty cool. For about a month before installing Docker, I had a small penetration testing lab setup with a couple different VMs and Virtual Box. On of those was Kali Linux and I’ve already discovered the Kali Linux Docker image and played around with it a bit. I know that using a Kali Linux container is not the same as a VM, but I think using Docker might be better for me from a resource standpoint. I’m curious how I can incorporate some of the activities I was doing with the VMs with Docker. For example, are there any Docker images that can serve as targets for ethical hacking activities?

If anyone else has experience using Docker containers to set up a kind of penetration testing lab, I’d love to hear your thoughts. By the way, I installed Docker Toolbox since my host OS is Windows 10 Home edition. I know that comes with Virtual Box so I also don’t know if running a Docker container and a VM simultaneously is an option.



Hey michaele919,

Did you ever find a way to make a pen test lab with docker? I had the same idea. It would seem pretty easy to set up a SQL server, apache 2 server, maybe a couple other web apps as well. Have all these connected with a switch. That way you can put the docker image on github and have people pull it and practice. Easier than setting up a bunch of VM’s on VMware or virtualbox.



I think I found someone who has created a cybersecurity training lab with docker images. Turns a 4gb+ of vm images into basically a 25mb tar file using containers.