Is it possible to pull an docker image without the engine?

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to pull or load an docker image, without docker-engine, in such a way that the container is ready to run when the OS boot for the first time?
Any suggestions are welcome

My use case:
Automate the build of an OS Image (Custom Raspbian), with docker and a pre-loaded docker images that ready to run as docker containers.

Current solution
I building the base OS and installing docker-engine, with RPI’s image builder which uses debootstrap. Since I cannot run docker-engine in debootstrap, I export the docker images and install then in the base OS.
Finally, Hypriot’s device-init takes care of running “docker load”, the first time the OS boots.
The problem is that “docker-load” takes a long time, sometimes hours, to complete.

Any tips are welcome.