Issue with Docker Initialization on Ubuntu 22.04.1 - "Failed to initialize: protocol not available"

Hello Docker Community,

I am experiencing an issue with Docker on my Ubuntu 22.04.1 system and would appreciate any assistance you can provide. Here is a brief overview of the problem:

After successfully installing Docker (version 25.0.0, build e758fe5) on my Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS (Codename: jammy), I am encountering an error when trying to run Docker commands. The specific error message I receive is: “Failed to initialize: protocol not available”.

This issue occurs when running basic Docker commands like docker run hello-world and docker info, resulting in the same error message.

Here are the steps I followed and the responses I received:

  1. Installed Docker using sudo apt install docker-ce.
  2. Started Docker service with sudo service docker start, and confirmed it’s running with sudo service docker status.
  3. Attempted to run hello-world image with sudo docker run hello-world, resulting in the error: “Failed to initialize: protocol not available”.
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I am having problems with this version of docker on ubuntu 22.04 too, I just downgraded. It’s hard to isolate where the issue is coming from, but for sure 25.0.0 has issues.

to wich version did you dowgrade?