Issue confirming Dockerhub email address

Today I wanted to change my dockerhub username. Since the UI wouldn’t let me do it, I decided to deactivate my old account and activate a new one. I am using the same email on my new account as I was using on the old one. The new account cannot be verified because the confirmation email is never sent to my inbox. Can anybody help please? I suspect there’s some sort of error in the system

@brandon698sherrick thank you. I have not contacted support because it requires my email to be verified, but I am still not getting anything. Funny thing: i still get other kinds of emails from docker. It’s been 10 days and the cooloff period doesn’t seem to be the issue: I think the previous account was not fully deleted and reusing the email was a big mistake. Had i know beforehand, i would have changed my email on my old account. Thanks for trying to help me anyway.