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Issues with changing proxy settings


(Robmcarthur2001) #1

I work in two different environments, on without proxies and one with. The way I handle this is have have two network profiles one without proxies and one with.

I’m currently not the network with the proxy and my OS X networks settings have no information regarding a proxy. Yet docker continues to try to use the proxy when downloading (and failing). I’ve tried restarting docker.


(roovo) #2

I’ve seen the same issues - DfM seems to cache the proxy settings it propagates to containers - and this cache doesn’t seem to be flushed when restarting the app or the OS. The only way I’ve found to get DfM to update the settings it passes on is to uninstall (I used the uninstall option in the app preferences, then deleted the app) then re-install it.

OS Version: Yosemite 10.10.5 (14F1713)
App version: 1.12.0-rc2-beta16 (build: 9493)

(Michael Gorianskyi) #3

I would give removing all docker services/images/containers/networks a try for good measure.

docker service rm `docker service ls -q`
docker volume rm `docker volume ls -q`
docker rm -f `docker ps -aq`
docker rmi -f `docker images -aq`
docker network rm `docker network ls -q`

Otherwise create an issue on github.

(roovo) #4

Many thanks for that… it doesn’t help with the issue I’m afraid. I’ve just done a bit more digging and found that the proxy settings are cached in the docker for mac application database at:


which is a git repository. If I edit the proxy settings in the files in the proxy directory in this database:


then commit the changes the docker app reloads itself and picks up the changes and propogates them into new containers. So it looks like what is needed is some way on the DfM preferences panel to ask it to reload what is held in this setting repo from the system preferences.

If there is somewhere I can log this as an issue then let me know, but I presume this needs to go on to the docker for mac stack which isn’t on github…



(Michael Gorianskyi) #5

Kudos for persistence :wink:
You can create a new issue here:

(roovo) #6

thanks - done: