Issues with Docker Desktop and WSL 2 Integration


I’m experiencing issues with Docker Desktop integration with WSL 2. Here are the details:

  • Docker Desktop Version: latest version
  • WSL 2 Version: Ubuntu
  • OS: Windows 10

I’ve followed the recommended troubleshooting steps:

  1. Enabled WSL integration in Docker Desktop settings.
  2. Verified that WSL 2 is the default version.
  3. Updated WSL using wsl --update.
  4. Restarted Docker Desktop and my machine.
  5. Checked the Docker Desktop logs and Event Viewer logs.

Despite these steps, Docker Desktop is unable to find any installed WSL 2 distributions.

Could you please assist me with resolving this issue?


Docker Desktop creates its own distribution and you could not configure WSL integration if it didn’t start, so what do you mean by

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Hi Rimelek,

Sorry for those words, by mistake i copy pasted the lines from chatGPT.

here it is what i’m getting the actual problem

WSL2 and WSL2 distribution is not the same. WSL2 is the platform for Linux distributions on Windows. You need to install a WSL2 Linux distribution.

You can install distributions from the Microsoft Store, but if I remember correctly, you can also open the Start menu, search for “bash” and when you first start it, it will install a default distribution and will ask you to create a user. After that, you will have a WSL2 distribution.

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I also tried installing wsl 2 Linux distribution.
Still not working.

Run this command:

wsl -l -v

If it doesn’t return a WSL2 distribution which is not installed by Docker (docker-desktop and docker-desktop-data, That means it became a WSL2 issue and I recommend sharing it in a Microsoft forum.