Just installed docker desktop for windows , do not see many of the options like shared folder

ok i am able to run a docker image by creating docker file and access it. Issue is how to do i code and share files between linux container and IDE( visual code). I see every one docker desktop ( on google search shared folder shows up in settings page) but mine have general resources command line kubernetes and no shared folder inside of these tabs also.

Some one help if you know why.

Vagrant taking too long to run. Thought i use docker to improve my development speed.

Running linux containers ( tried windows containers also ) …no shared folder tab.

You’re looking at screenshots of old versions.

To mount a folder into a container you use the -v parameter for docker cli or the volumes parameter in a compose file.

PS> cd C:\Users
PS> docker container run -v "$(pwd):/data" debian ls /data

Mounts the current folder into /data in a Debian container and lists its content.

I see everyone have docker desktop has shared folder.

see the image.
Why i cant see that in my docker desktop?

Ok i found the answer. I doubt many people using docker because there would be many results in google search. i did not find one. I realised a post talking about this in 2019. Then it dawn on me that new version cut off all the features in community edition. i installed 2019 edition …i see all the extra options and shared folder.

I found my answer in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsWoMpK3EtE&t=361s
But there is a change need to be done to make it work with windows 10.

Me too had the same issue. So, I did the below steps.

  • First, pull the windowsserver container(You can pull any container based on your requirement).

  • Go to docker desktop, select images.

  • You can see the image you pulled. Select run, then change the settings. That is, set a container name, a path in your machine you want to mount, container path(for that, I simply gave C:\data)

  • Then save the settings

  • Go to containers/apps in docker desktop.

  • You can see the new container name you have created.

*Open cli of that container >- (this symbol)

  • then a cli with path as C:\ will be opened.

*Type dir. You can see the folder data created there.

Now, add some files in the mounted folder of your local machine and see whether it is reflected in the data folder of container.