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Just switched over from dlite, CPU usage through the roof, Beta is unusable

(Aleemb) #1

I had been using dlite with litlte to no issues. Switched over to Docker Beta 6-7 hours ago. The entire time, CPU usage has been running at max. Nothing more than an nginx server with a mounted volume for the web app. Had to turn off my laptop in between to let it cool off.

The Docker Beta is completely unusable at this rate but everything else about it is great.

Surely, this has to be a known issue unless I got really unlucky with my setup.

(David Maze) #2

There are several other threads on this topic already. Setups that docker build an image and rely on in-Docker storage work well; setups that rely heavily on bind-mounting host directories do not. A complex npm install in a bind-mounted directory breaks Docker entirely, according to at least one thread here.

(Aleemb) #3

There are several other threads on this topic already

Thanks for the pointer. It appears from reading some of those threads that there is no fix yet. I read about the issue on HN as well 3-4 weeks ago and figured it was priority enough to be addressed by now.

I don’t rely on NPM but my app uses filesystem caching and watches the filesystem.

Going to switch back to dlite and come back to Docker Beta in a few weeks when this issue is hopefully resolved.