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Kitematic and Hyper-V

(Phoenyx33) #1

I’m not sure how this should go but may I suggest that the installer “Not” install Kitematic on systems using Hyper-V since it only works on systems using VirtualBox? Having it installed on Hyper-V systems makes people think that it’s broken.
Thank you for reading my post.

(Antnee) #2

I’m not sure what you mean. Admittedly I’m not running the latest versions at the moment, but I’m using Hyper-V and Kitematic without issue. Has something been broken?

(Phoenyx33) #3

Every time I try to run it, it says it needs VirtualBox to run. And
virtualbox crashes if Hyper-V is turned on. At least on my pc’s anyway.

(Antnee) #4

Yeah, you can’t use VirtualBox if you have Hyper-V enabled. But all I do is start Docker for Windows, wait for the VM to start, then fire up Kitematic and everything works