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Latest Docker CE fails to start on Windows 10 1803

(Trophime) #1

There are a lot of issues on github regarding docker not working on Windows 10 1803. The daemon actually fails to start for some reasons.

Do someone has managed to get it working?

(Philb32) #2

I just opened this issue :
The windows installer seems to be creating a cobnfig file that I’m not allowed to access. No solution yet,

Cheers, Phil

(Markusrgestalt) #3

I uninstalled docker for windows, ran the following fix, rebooted and installed docker again.

Don’t know if the fix actually worked or it was the uninstall/reinstall that worked.


(Philb32) #4

Hmm, maybe I’ll try uninstalling and reinstalling but I really don’t think the hyper-v switch thing is the problem …