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Latest Version of Docker on Windows 10 Pro

I’m using the free version of Docker on Windows 10 Pro. I upgraded to the latest version a few days ago. In the past when I started Docker I would get 2 messages. The first would say something like “Docker is starting” and then about a minute later I would get a message that said something like “The Docker shell is now running, get hacking with the power shell”

Since I did the upgrade I only get the first message. I haven’t used Docker for much in the last few days. I use it to run Allegrograph and Allegrograph does come up but I’ve noticed a bug in how Allegrograph is handling my dateTime properties. I think this is specific to my owl file or possibly a bug in Allegrograph but I just wanted to double check: is the latest version no longer giving the second message or is the fact that I’m not seeing that second message an indication that something may be wrong with my installation?

I just did “dover version” in dos and it says version 20.10.0

Michael DeBellis