Launch service cannot find com.docker.helper

Expected behavior

No error logs in syslogs.

Actual behavior

5/2/16 12:08:25.896 PM[1]: (com.docker.helper[82046]) Could not find and/or execute program specified by service: 149: Could not find a bundle of the given identifier through LaunchServices: com.docker.helper
5/2/16 12:08:25.897 PM[1]: (com.docker.helper) Service only ran for 0 seconds. Pushing respawn out by 10 seconds.


  • the output of:
    • /Applications/Utilities/ on OSX on searching for “Docker” returns the above errors.
  • host distribution and version ( OSX 10.11.4 (15E65) )

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. … Open /Applications/Utilities/
  2. … Search for “Docker”
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Same issue here. Tried Docker Beta one afternoon, removed it. Then it re-appeared (asked for key again) after a macbook crash+auto recovery I suppose.

I have the feeling its also then that the console errors appeared.

17/05/16 09:49:23,612[1]: (com.docker.helper) Service only ran for 0 seconds. Pushing respawn out by 10 seconds.

I cannot find a service with ID com.docker.helper in all the usual places (and others. ~/Lib./LaunchDaemons, etc). Neither does trying to unload it help. It does not show up in sudo launchctl list|grep -i dock. Rebooting has no effect.

Exact same problem here on 10.11.5

I’m also seeing the same issue here at the moment on the Private Beta. Strangely it works fine on my MacBook but not my iMac.

Possible workaround. I removed all traces of Docker from my ~/Library/Containers folder and it’s now working.

Quit Docker
rm -rf ~/Library/Containers/com.docker.*
Start Docker. A few minutes later it started fine.

Could not be related at all, but it’s strange that the issue has been seemingly fixed.

I have the same problem with docker beta 14, in addition, i uninstalled docker and reboot. but this error continuously it appears. please fix it

A workaround is found in this thread: Docker beta on mac: Refusing to execute/trust quarantined program/file
Reported as an issue here:

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