License: Ability to sell devices with docker preinstalled

Hello everyone,

I have a question about the licensing and commercial use of docker. First of all, my usecase:

“I want to sell an on-premise device which runs a Windows OS and any variant of docker (Docker EE for Windows, Docker CE for Windows, Docker CE in a Hyper-V Linux VM or Docker EE in a Hyper-V Linux VM) preinstalled.”

My question is: Am I allowed to sell such a device? If yes, without any constraint or requirement?

I have found the following ressources I base my current assumptions on:

And my current assumptions are:

  • Docker EE for Windows: Not sure about how to license or sell at all.
  • Docker CE for Windows: Havent found any hard evidence but there might be some components here that are not part of the Apache 2.0 License. So I assume I can not sell this
  • Docker CE in a Hyper-V Linux VM: Should be fine. But I have to ship the Apache Lincense and the GPL for Linux with the device.
  • Docker EE in a Hyper-V Linux VM: GPL License for Linux but not sure about Docker EE.

If someone has any feedback for me or other ressources I could check (Probably someone with more knowledge already wrote an article about that topic?), please let me know.

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