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Mac Dashboard not loading

Unable to open Dashboard feature. I have successfully installed Docker Desktop on Mac (10.15.7), but I am unable to launch any of the features from the taskbar. Dashboard, preferences, troubleshoot, etc… All the options on the taskbar don’t open. I have tried both the stable version and the edge version. I am not sure how to debug.

I have looked through console, but I can’t find a hint as to what it could be.

Update, I found this in the console:

default 19:10:13.037955-0500 Docker Desktop Helper (GPU) MessageTracer: Falling back to default whitelist
default 19:10:13.038031-0500 Docker Desktop Helper (GPU) Can’t open default search tree file: Operation not permitted
default 19:10:13.038556-0500 Docker Desktop Helper (GPU) XPC connection invalidated (daemon unloaded or disabled)
default 19:10:13.095119-0500 Docker Desktop Helper (GPU) GVA info: preferred scaler idx 1