Missing files in AppData/Roaming/Docker


I am working on Windows 10 with a Debian wsl. When running the Docker Desktop installer, it concludes successfuly, but when I go to User/AppData/Roaming/Docker, the only file is “.trackid” whose content is “77C3C662-466F-4A4E-9C57-AF8B7ED2E529”. And of course Docker Desktop won’t launch.

I followed all the steps in the installer instructions and in this thread, but it didn’t change anything.

Does anybody know what I can do?


How did you install Docker Desktop and which version?

Docker Desktop will create its own WSL distributions. You can optionally use Debian only as a client.

I simply downloaded the installer from this page. It’s the 64 bit version for Win10.

Ok, so it is irrelevant that I have installed Debian previously i guess.

Is your user an administrator? Did you get any error message during the installation?

There is also a troubleshoot guide. You could for example check if the com.docker.diagnose.exe exists.


but if Roaming/Data is empty, I don’t think it would work so the only idea I have is to check Windows event logs and make sure your user has enough privileges to install Docker.

Most likely

Yes, administrator. No error msgs, I got a final msg saying it was installed successfully.

It might be a privelage issue, I’ll look into it. Thanks

An other idea, which I think seems very likely. If you have an antivirus, that could remove the files after you installed Docker. I had similar experience in the past, but not with Docker. In that case you can try to add Docker as an exception to your antivirus or use an other antivirus if the current one is detecting more files as viruses than it should. If you can, try to disable the antivirus temporarily and install see if it helps when you install Docker Desktop again. If it does, you can report it on GitHub

and hope it can be fixed.

I will also move the topic from “Docker Hub” category to “Docker Desktop for Windows” since it looks like you don’t have any problem with Docker Hub.


I also renamed the topic since “Docker files” can be mistakenly interpreted as multiple "Dockerfile"s