Need CentOS+OpenSSH enabled image

I need CentOS+OpenSSH enabled image.

I have tried with steps mentioned there. Its giving error during pulling image.

[root@centos6 ~]# docker run -d -P -t --name centos7-1 centos7-ssh
Unable to find image ‘centos7-ssh:latest’ locally
Pulling repository centos7-ssh
Error: image library/centos7-ssh:latest not found
[root@centos6 ~]#

Docker log says,

INFO[0031] POST /v1.19/containers/create?name=centos7-1
ERRO[0031] Handler for POST /containers/create returned error: No such image: centos7-ssh (tag: latest)
ERRO[0031] HTTP Error err=No such image: centos7-ssh (tag: latest) statusCode=404
INFO[0031] POST /v1.19/images/create?fromImage=centos7-ssh&tag=latest
ERRO[0034] Error from V2 registry: Authentication is required.


did you docker build -t centos7-ssh . ?

I am just trying to run CentOS system with SSH in my Docker environment. Do I need to execute build command also.


you mean you are trying to build an Image that is CentOS that has an openSSH on it? in that case, you have to build the image from the dockerfile which is written on the guide


Sorry for confusion. I want to create system with CentOS+SSH using docker.