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New user question on WSL2 required components

Hi I’m new to Docker and to Linux. Background is DOS (I’m old!) PICK VB.NET C# etc so please bear that in mind.

My question is exactly what needs to be installed with Docker Desktop for WIndows (10). I followed a very good but old (2016) getting started with Docker tutorial from Jake Wright. I downloaded and ran the Docker Desktop install. All good. Then had to restart and then prompted to install the WSL2 linux kernel which wasn’t covered in the tutorial. The link took me to the following url

I did step 4 to download the new kernal and installed it. Then did Step 5 to set default WSL2 level. But I am guessing this is just on the local Windows host machine. So at this point I stopped (i.e. didn’t carry out step 6 onwards to download and configure a Linux distro ).

The rest of the original docker tutorial install seems to run ok albeit when trying to use browser to check the Hello World example running on the docker container it failed with a permission issue. But I could telnet on the port I assigned so I think it was running.

My query is should I have followed step 6 onwards? Would that effect the permissions issue on the docker container or, as I suspect, are those steps not related to running Linux in a Docker container?

Apologies if this is way off topic.

Cheers Anthony